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Steve Carl breaks down Rousimar Palhares' heel hook

Last night, at World Series of Fighting 9, Rousimar Palhares became the World Series of Fighting Welterweight champion by submitting Steve Carl by inverted heel hook in the first round.

After Ray Sefo denounced any sort of controversy stemming from the heel hook, Steve Carl broke down the submission at the post fight press conference (Courtesy of MMAFighting):

It was extremely, extremely slick. Like, the positioning he went in was just amazing. Honestly, I was in danger by not knowing I was in danger. I thought I was out, but no, I was deep. Man, that quickly. I spun out of the heel hook and he switched over to the inverted, and as he said, it was already locked. It was already finished. As he spun over to it, his body positioning was perfect. Not a whole lot I could do there.

It all happened really fast, and the damage was done at that point. I got no ill will.

If both Carl and Sefo have no issue with the heel hook, it is time to stop lambasting Palhares and start commending him on an excellent performance to become the WSOF champion.


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