Melissa McBride and Chad L. Coleman as Carol and Tyreese in Season 4 of "The Walking Dead." Photo Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead season 4 finale: Where was Beth, Carol and Tyreese?

Tonight’s season finale of The Walking Dead raised more questions that we had going into things and chief among those questions is where are Beth, Carol, Tyreese or baby Judith? We saw what happened to those that survived the episode as the train car was as symbolic as anything we’ve seen in this season so far, but there were some notable faces missing from the little reunion.

We saw a lot of Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl in the finale episode and we caught up with Maggie, Glenn, Abraham and the others in the train car but Carol, Beth, Tyreese and baby Judith were nowhere to be seen.

Many joked on twitter that Beth was what they were cooking on the grill at Terminus but all four characters are out there somewhere and have left us wondering where they are.

Where do you think Carl, Beth, Tyreese and baby Judith are? Sound off in the comments section and let your opinion be heard.

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  • Guest

    Did no one notice the pile of “fresh” human remains (bones etc. which had been picked clean) as the group ran through the complex trying to escape the gunfire? Probably was Beth. They were cooking something on the grill when the first group arrived at Terminus and also when Ricks group arrived despite there being a severe food shortage. The people at Terminus are capturing all who arrive and eating them to survive. They take them from the train car one at a time so the meat is fresh (no way to keep it on ice!). That’s why they shot at them so much but never hit them.They just wanted to corral them – not kill them.

    • Leah

      Makes a lot of sense. They shot at where they didn’t want them to go. Not to mention the people screaming for help weren’t anywhere near where Rick and everyone else ended up. They’re treating people like cattle.

    • Ravi32

      nope beth is with Gabriel ( a religous good guy in the comics). she kidnapped with car with a cross on the back identical to the one Gabriel has in the comics.

      That is the white and yellow boxes of powdered milk Tyreese had for baby Judith outside the rail car. you can see rick look at them. Carol,tyreese, baby Judith are on the barbeque..

      If you look at the forum from the comic books, the consensus is those three are apart for a reason. they are already all dead in the comics but it would be too heartbreaking to see Judith die on screen. there is a timeline of the three groups after the prison and carol and tyreese are actually leaving the house they were in after the two you girls died before the others. they were at terminus first.

      • SomeGuy

        I don’t know if you just noticed, but the show’s not going DIRECTLY off the comics. You could be dead on, but I completely doubt they’re just gonna open the new season with “Hey 3 characters we got you to know closer are just gone. Bye.”

        I don’t see that happening.

      • BlondieAmbition

        I keep saying that! the Grove was before Alone, so they had t get there first!

      • Lebowski

        As far as Tyreese, Carol, and the baby on the BBQ… I seriously doubt that. There were way too many signs showing that everyone else was far ahead of them, and thus closer to Terminus. Most noticeably were the burnt walkers which all signs point to coming from the house that Beth and Daryl burnt down. (The smoke rising from the horizon in the “Look at the flowers” episode). But even more likely of a way to disprove that theory is what SomeGuy said, I do not think they are just going to say, “Hey they’ve been dead!” without showing the incident in real time.

        • kym

          I think tyreese was on the bbq and I cant imagine them killing judith after shes just a baby. Did u also notice after rick and everyone scaled the fence to terminus it looked like someone was looking down on them. I think its carol. She will find ricks buried weapons and come in and save them.

        • Mallory

          I don’t think tyrese and carol are not at terminus yet. I have a feeling they are outside the gates of terminus and saw what happened with Rick and the group inside and will try to save them. The reason I don’t think they arrived yet is because Beth and Daryl set fire to the house at night and the smoke was rising at carol and tyreses place during the day and charred walker appeared during the day which means Beth and Daryl had a head start leaving the area before carol and tyrese. If they are not already at terminus they were certainly not far behind.

        • Kendra Tuck

          Daryl was only slightly ahead of Tyrese and company b/c Daryl and Beth were right behind them. Daryl/Beth pasted the rabbits Lizzie killed, they pasted the berries Tyrese crushed with his feet, the guy who told Tyrese and them about Terminus attacked Beth, they pasted where Tyrese talked to the guy about Terminus. It’s even can be completely possible Daryl was still behind Tyrese and carol.

      • Mallory

        The powered milk and sugar that is outside of the train car with bowls beside it is what they have been feeding the people in the train car to not only keep them alive but to fatten them up like pigs.

  • Lebowski

    My theory: The country club or whatever it was where Beth was “kidnapped” from had been well taken care of with food and even that one eyed dog. I wonder if the person who lived there was coming back as the walkers appeared and was trying to save Beth even if she was protesting that maybe Daryl was still alive inside. I also wonder if somehow Tyreese and Carol run across Rick’s “Bag O’ Guns” and see Rick’s famous revolver he happened to switch out. So they know that going into Terminus is probably a bad idea….

  • Steffi Lee

    in the finale, everyone at Terminus was wearing all the main characters clothes. The lady that is going to fix them a are of food is wearing beths shirt. somebody else was wearing Maggie’s blanket poncho thingy. that one guy had Glenn’s watch etc,. so Beth must be at Terminus somewhere.

    • FX HD

      that wasn’t beth’s shirt… disproved in another site with pics

  • Cykka Tron

    I love the typo at the end.

  • Tony Olivas

    Beth was sitting at a table at Terminus! Rick recognizes her from behind when he is standing at the grill. In the train car he then mentions that “they” don’t realize that one of their group is among them.

  • Amanda

    Beth can’t be at Terminus. If you think about it, they people at Terminus set up signs to have their food come to THEM why would they need to set up a trap at a funeral home days away from their camp? Also, unless Garreth has a secret zombie uplifting hobby at that funeral home, I highly doubt he was the one who took beth. The car also had a cross on the back of it, and from the looks of the terminus camp with the room with the candles, they don’t look like christians,

  • Viaumeister

    The Car that took Beth has a cross on the back window. In the comic book there is a group called the Saviors. The Saviors are led by Negan who is very important in the comic book.

  • somebody

    lebowski at the part were rick changed out his gun he started to bary the sack of guns at the end before he went over the fence.

  • somebody

    beth was not at the table at terminus. What rick notest was the bag the poncho and the riot gear and then the whach.So ther was no beth at terminus

  • Edd

    If beth was on TERMINUS, when rick screamed, she would turn around and do the confused look and say “rick?” and they would be like “beth?” and the story goes on.

  • Mart Moors

    I think Beth is still alive (and well). It guess it has something to do with the house she stayed in, and the one eyed dog. Can’t wait for the next season…