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The Walking Dead season 4 finale review: Who died, what happened?

Tonight marked the epic season finale of the hit AMC series The Walking Dead and there was plenty of intensity to last us a while. We won’t be getting over this finale episode any time soon, which is probably why it’s a good thing there won’t be any new episodes until the fall.

One of the questions we all had before we started the night was who would die and who would survive? If you haven’t yet seen the episode, stop here and watch it first as major spoilers lie ahead.

If you were expecting bloodshed right off the bat, that’s not what we got as things started out being very character driven in terms of the pacing the action. But after we saw a random guy get his eyeballs eaten out by walkers, things started to pick up.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Rick, Carl and Michonne were all confronted by Joe’s gang, who were seeking revenge for the guy Rick killed earlier in the season at the house. But before Joe could kill Rick, Daryl vouched for Rick and got beaten down. This caused Rick to snap back into things and become the leader he was in the past — and he redeemed his psyche by killing Joe’s entire gang.

But the drama was just starting, as Rick’s return to reality was followed by a trip to Termiuns, which managed to confuse everyone involved. At Terminus, Rick notices that everyone is wearing an item of clothing that used to belong to the group Maggie, Glenn and Abraham were in. This prompts a gun battle that was less gun fight and more Rick’s grip getting directed where to go via gun fire.

It was strange that the group wasn’t being killed, but their scramble through the Terminus complex revealed more questions than we had before.

And none of those questions will be answered until next season, as things ended with Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne getting hoarded into a train car that contained Glenn, Maggie, Abraham and everyone else. While there wasn’t much that was answered, at the very least everyone was alive and well.

Tonight’s finale wasn’t a non-stop, white knuckle ride but things are very much set up for an intense season five that will no doubt be full of redemption.

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  • Aaron D. Neufeld

    Disappointing. No answers, killed off Joe way too soon, Carol MIA, and a really corny final line.

    At least it was a good setup to season 5 though.

    • Keith

      Why does everything need to be answered? I agree with you about Joe, but there was no way he was getting out alive. Carol and Tyreese will most likely play a role in getting the group out of Terminus. The final line was directly from the comics.

      • Nathan Leavitt

        I think the show has proven that you shouldn’t derive anything directly from the comic. It doesn’t work. It was super corny. This was the worst finale they’ve had so far. Very disappointing.

      • Aaron D. Neufeld

        Not everything needs to be answered but when you spend the entire second half of the season leading up to the big Terminus finale, something should be answered. All we know is they aren’t who they seem. No additional info. I agree Carol and Tyreese will have a big role next season but their absence was still missed in the finale. And knowing the finale line was directly from the comics makes it slightly more bearable but it didn’t translate well, unfortunately.
        It was a good episode. But an underwhelming finale.

    • Porfivor Nixon

      The general rule of thumb this season seems to be any episode with Carol is good and any episode she is not in isn’t that great.

  • truth

    Dude, you need to proof read this.

    “Daryl vouched for Rick and hot beaten down.”

    “But after ew saw a random guy get his eyeballs eaten”

    Don’t even get me started on the punctuation.

    Its not even a very long article…

  • Patrick Allen

    Just a terrible season. One good episode. The writers of this show spend so much time on nonsense. Half the finale was a flashback about Rick fighting with his humanity. Well-written shows develop their characters through dramatic action that moves the story forward. Shows like Breaking Bad and The Wire are prime examples of this. The characters on The Walking Dead spend 80% of their time talking about their feelings (on the nose, every time) and not doing anything.

    There was an entire episode this season in which Glenn and that girl drove down the road got in a fight with the people trying to help them and then turned around and went back.

    The most interesting thing to happen since the group left the CDC was Glenn coming across a guy that says he knows what caused the outbreak. It was two or three lines in the “driving down the road” episode and nobody said anything else about it until the next to last episode. Holy crap.

  • Joe Gannon

    Very bad tactical move by Rick immediately revealing that he knew something was wrong when he spotted all the items that belonged to Glenn and Maggie. He should have acted as if everything was fine, putting the Terminites off guard until he could have grabbed Gareth and put the gun to HIS head. That would have gotten them out alive, as that’s probably the only person Gareth wasn’t ready to sacrifice for “the greater good.”