The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere date: When does show return?

Tonight’s finale of The Walking Dead was beyond intense and it has fans hungry for more. The problem is, that was the last episode of the season and we now have a full year wait until we get to see more episodes.

Well, maybe a half year wait as while the show is just wrapping up now at the end of March we can expect new episodes around the same time that they premiered this season which means the wait won’t be nearly as unbearable. Still, there will be a void left in our lives now that the season four finale is behind us and it’s a void that won’t be filled by anything other than more new episodes of The Walking Dead.

So when can you expect new episodes of The Walking Dead to premiere? No official return date has been announced but it’s a safe bet to assume that we can expect the fifth season of the show to premiere this fall and carry into the 2015 television season, much like these last batch of episodes did in the 2014 season.

Until then, we will hopefully be able to fill the void with Mad Men‘s return as well as the premiere of the new series Turn.

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