The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere date: When does show return?

Tonight’s finale of The Walking Dead was beyond intense and it has fans hungry for more. The problem is, that was the last episode of the season and we now have a full year wait until we get to see more episodes.

Well, maybe a half year wait as while the show is just wrapping up now at the end of March we can expect new episodes around the same time that they premiered this season which means the wait won’t be nearly as unbearable. Still, there will be a void left in our lives now that the season four finale is behind us and it’s a void that won’t be filled by anything other than more new episodes of The Walking Dead.

So when can you expect new episodes of The Walking Dead to premiere? No official return date has been announced but it’s a safe bet to assume that we can expect the fifth season of the show to premiere this fall and carry into the 2015 television season, much like these last batch of episodes did in the 2014 season.

Until then, we will hopefully be able to fill the void with Mad Men‘s return as well as the premiere of the new series Turn.

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  • jimmyneutronian1243

    who cares it is terrible. any writer that isn’t skilled enough to fill 20 minutes of air time is terrible. they really needed those flashbacks? write something new losers.

    • Daniel Leslie

      Your an idiot Jimmy, you obviously have no clue how big a role that played into the episode

  • ASDF

    stupid commentor jimmy. those flashbacks were necessary to examine the relationship of how carl saw his father. u r so dumb u didnt understand it. walking dead creators are genius, unlike u.

    • Shawn S Al-Maskeen

      I think you also missed one of the major points of the episode… Rick thinks Carl is afraid of him, but hes not. Carl is afraid of himself… because he liked it, and hes afraid that hes becoming a monster. He kept his eyes open when Michone was cradling him, and he seemed to be deriving some pleasure from it. (Not to say thats unreasonable… I think many if not most people would react that way if someone threatened to murder everyone you love in front of you.)

  • Frank Raven

    I am looking forward to season five. Those cannibals must pay.

  • Maxx D

    Season 5 starts in early October, it’s already been announced.

  • max

    Its just too much of a cliffhanger…. >:(
    But i loved how the story ended
    Glad to know waiting for season 5 isnt gonna be painful and unbearable
    Time, i command you to be fast :)

  • Shawn S Al-Maskeen

    I’ve only seen one instance of the shows writers breaking or changing a “rule”, and its when Rick and Glenn are walking among the walkers out of the department store in season one. It starts to rain, and the zombies immediately start to take notice. But if two chained walkers are sufficient to camouflage Andrea AND Michone, it doesn’t really make sense that Rick and Glenn wouldn’t be camouflaged smack in the middle of 50 of them. Or can anyone offer an explanation?

    Edit: I’ve also been a little confused by the fact that a zombie bite or scratch can turn you, but apparently not zombie blood. Because noone on the show seems to regard the huge amount of blood that gets splattered onto their face, into their nose mouth and eyes, as remotely dangerous.

    • Bronson Fresen

      nearly everything u have mention, they talk about within the show. watch it and u wont be so confused

      • Shawn S Al-Maskeen

        I’ve seen every episode, and most of them at least twice. Please feel free to enlighten us.

    • Brian

      I’ve noticed that too. The S1 bit with smearing gore on yourself, shuffling and moaning would probably work, barely, and then starts to fail with the rain. Michonne’s chained buddies could provide some help too, not visually but to mask a scent, but only somewhat, and only at a distance. There’s no way it would allow Michonne (and Andrea?) to walk right through a bunch of them. I mean, if you walk through a group of twenty walkers they’re onto you, and not confused at all by the presence of nineteen fellow walkers– they detect the one human right next to them. Whether two of the twenty are jawless, armless and chained would not affect the scent situation at all.

      As for the blood being benign, that’s odd medically, but I suppose they’ve had enough spattered on them to know that it isn’t sufficient to cause the turn. I was hoping that CDC Jenner would have given us more enticing pseudo-medical babble– his group must have learned some interesting things before falling apart. But we mainly just got the philosophical nihilism vs. will to survive discussion. I would have been pumping that guy for every nugget of info on the disease.

      • Shawn S Al-Maskeen

        I’m still waiting for some “enticing pseudo-medical babble” (I love that, by the way) from this stupid redneck “scientist” that is supposedly a genius and can fix all this. Maybe I’m just biased because when I see him I instantly want to believe that he’s Kenny Powers. (How awesome would that be as a random zombie cameo) Its kind of frustrating that when they tell people about this they’re just like “Oh… okay interesting. Pass the tuna can?” Wouldn’t they be even the slightest bit curious as to how he plans on fixing all this!?

        • Brian

          Trusting Kenny Powers with the ‘classified medical secret that will save the world’ is scarier to me than the walkers. I live in Atlanta and have met some scientists who talk in that ‘son of the south’/Foghorn Leghorn accent he’s sporting, but the mullet and culottes– ehhhh, no. I just want him to explain something about how the zombievirus switches the adenine and the cytosine, and it has to be fixed by running a flux capacitor quantum matrix on the mitochondria…something. I’m also still waiting for an explanation of how we have various terms on the show like walker, biter, DKs, but no one ever thinks to call them zombies.

          Speaking of awesome cameos, how about Chuck Norris? Then we could have….wait for it…

          Walker, Texas Ranger.

  • reg

    Cannot wait for season 5 the walking dead is awesome and in my opionion one of the best series ever made gets more and more exciteing every episode what can I say im just a massive zombie fan

  • Donna

    Arrrggghhh, can’t believe we gotta wait til October !!!!

  • Newman

    looking at past season start dates ill bet its oct 12th

  • zGFatalError

    fffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! :D Need……more……….

  • Daniel Bryan