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How I Met Your Mother series finale review: What happened?

Tonight marked the legendary and of an era as the hit CBS series How I Met Your Mother aired its final episode ever, bringing a giant chapter of our lives to a close. The series has been hailed by critics and adored by fans across the world and tonight we got to see how things ended up and where our favorite gang of New Yorkers wound up in the future.

The first big bombshell came not when Ted and The Mother (later revealed to be named Tracey) revealed they were having their first baby but when Barney and Robin told the gang that they were getting a divorce three years into their marriage. This sort of set in some normalcy that we got used to over the years but it also threw Robin in to chaos.

At a halloween party a few years into the future, we saw Robin have a minor meltdown over the fact that Lily and Marshall aren’t around anymore, Barney is back to hitting on women and Ted is happily married to the mother of his children. This leads to a heart-to-heart between Robin and Lily in which Robin points out that the good years of their friendship are behind them and that they should just kill it and put it out of its misery and remember it for what it was.

Flash-forward to 2018 and the gang is getting back together like they promised they would every year. Robin is absent but things seem to be going like they used to. One major difference is that Marshall has just become a judge, Ted wants to go home early to take care of the kids and Barney’s hitting on women is starting to get sad.

Things change dramatically in 2020 though when Barney goes on a month long lady binge and ends up getting the last girl he sleeps with pregnant. Rather than run off, Barney stays for the birth and ends up experiencing a life changing moment when he holds his baby daughter for the first time.

We needed this to happen, and Barney needed this to happen. Having his daughter was the one thing that corrected him and forced him to grow up. We saw the culmination of this when Barney goes to seemingly hit on a group of girls at the bar and instead throws their drinks out, scolding them for bad decisions they’re about to make.

At this point, Robin returns to the bar after not having seen the gang together in almost five years. While they grew apart over the years, the gang was back for one last happy moment.

In the end, it was revealed that Ted was telling his kids about how he met their mother because she had gotten sick and eventually died. This led the kids to call Ted out on his love of ‘Aunt Robin’ and they insist he ask her out. So, after nine seasons and endless near-misses, Ted and Robin end up together after all.

The series finale seemed to split fans as some thought it was a fitting send off with others clearly upset on Twitter over what happened. But those wanting a perfect ending to the show missed the point, as while this was just a work of fiction, it was the story of friendship and friendship isn’t always happy.

Friends come in and out of our lives but it’s the memories that make us value what we had. That’s what the finale of How I Met Your Mother was all about because that’s what the show was all about. It wasn’t all pretty but the show was given a fitting sendoff and the memories we have will remain with us — and the gang — forever.

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