Venomous snakes makes way onto field in Australian professional rugby league football game

There are a lot of dangerous animals in Australia, and sometimes you just can’t avoid them. During an Australian professional rugby league football game between Gold Coast Titans and North Queensland Cowboys, “one of the world’s most venomous snakes” made its way onto to field.

According to the Courier Mail, which labeled the snake as the most venomous without identifying what kind of snake it was,  it left after about 20 minutes. The Gold Coast Bulletin added more details.

The metre-long reptile, believed to be a brown snake, appeared on the field in the opening 10 minutes, causing havoc for fans in the south-eastern corner of the ground when it headed towards the stands.

“An actual snake? I had no idea,” Titans captain Greg Bird said, via Courier Mail.

“I wish it bit me, it would have given me an excuse to lay down and have a rest.”

[h/t] Reddit user PattyK88

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