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WWE WrestleMania 30: Shane McMahon expected to be in attendance

It was reported this past week that WWE is doing everything in their power to get a hold of every notable star of the past 30 years, hoping to get them to appear in New Orleans on Sunday for WrestleMania 30.

This list apparently includes the missing McMahon of the bunch, as is reporting that Shane McMahon will be in attendance backstage in the Superdome, and it’s not known yet whether or not he will appear on camera.

According to, there’s a feeling in WWE that Shane McMahon will be backstage at WrestleMania 30. There’s no word on whether or not anyone expects him to appear on the show.

Shane-O-Mac left the company a few years ago to pursue his own business endeavors, which most speculate was because he knew that Stephanie and HHH were getting control of the company anyway.

It would be nice to have him in attendance, but it would be even better to have him make an appearance and deliver his usual antics of the weird dancing and corny catchphrases.

If anything, though, he should show up to support his family at this historic event as they mark 30 WrestleManias and counting.


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  • Kennedy

    Shane leaving had nothing to do with Stephanie and Triple H. Based on his own comments he knew that Vince would not be giving the reigns up any time soon and was getting impatient. When Vince finally gives up the reigns for better or for worse Shane will have some sort of control. Most likely on the the business end. I see Triple H contining his rise more on the creative end which is how it should be. Shane is business minded and has never shown any desire to be part of creative. He’s money driven. Trips is all about wrestling and his passion for what goes on in the ring. Will he succeed at it? Who knows but he’s done a lot of good things with development talent thus far IMO.