2014 NBA Draft: Dario Saric's father won't allow him to get donuts for veterans

As a rookie in any professional sport, you’re expected to take part in ‘fun’ hazing. Of course, it’s only fun for the veterans on the team, but the tasks are often playful – usually consisting of carrying around a pink backpack, getting coffee/donuts/bagels every morning before practice and carrying the luggage of older players.

It’s nothing over the top, but the father of soon to be NBA rookie Dario Saric isn’t having it.

Expected to go as high as the fifth pick, Sarcic’s father recently suggested that he won’t allow his son to gather donuts or carry around luggage for his teammates.

Saric Senior also says he won’t allow his son (Dario Saric) to carry around NBA team suitcases and be responsible for doughnuts.

Now, it’s not known if Dario wanted him to say something like this, though I can’t imagine that will be a welcomed sentiment in NBA locker rooms.

It might also hit NBA general managers wrong as well considering they don’t want to have a situation where they are constantly dealing with parental issues in regards to their young player.

Who knew a pink Hello Kitty backpack would cause such a riff.

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