Breaking Bad original score to get wide release on Vinyl


Breaking Bad may be over but it’s hardly out of our lives. The series is available on Netflix, the complete series is available to own and now the show’s unique score is getting a unique release from AMC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Breaking Bad‘s original score will be released on Vinyl at the end of the month and fans are going to want to get their hands on it.

Per THR:

Breaking Bad (Original Score From The Television Series), a double LP featuring the musically cinematic moments of the AMC hit series, will be released on April 29, viaSpaceLab9 and Madison Gate Records.

Here’s a look at the subtle yet iconic cover that the new version of the score will be released with:

The score is only available for preorder on Amazon at the moment with and April release date attached. Here’s a complete listing of what will be included in the track listing for the new score:

1. Breaking Bad Main Title Theme (extended)
2. Matches In The Pool
3. Smoking Jesse’s Pot
4. Gray Matter
5. The Morning After
6. Three Days Out
7. Vent
8. Baby’s Coming
9. Jane’s Demise
10. The Cousins
11. Hank In Pursuit
12. The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg’s Theme)
13. Searching For Jesse
14. Aztek
15. Four Corners / Waiting For The End
16. Jesse In Mexico
17. Crawl Space
18. Parking Garage Standoff
19. Cleaning House
20. Disassemble

Breaking Bad‘s vinyl score hits stores on April 29th.

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