Dirk Nowitzki gives Conan O'Brien a Texas citizenship test (Video)

The Conan O’Brien show is on the road, and they’re in Dallas, TX during the week leading up to the Final Four at A&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. After spending some days in Dallas he was feeling pretty confident about his knowledge of Texas, and Dallas Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki stopped by to test O’Brien’s knowledge.

Nowitzki got a rather large roar when he walked out on stage, he is probably the most revered athlete in Dallas presently. A lot of the questions are rather funny and some take shots at other teams, even the Dallas Cowboys.

Dirk, who introduces himself as a true Texans, asks what is the leading cause of heart attacks in Texas and O’Brien says “Tony Romo.” In case you were curious, the answer to “what two foreign nations does Texas border.” The answer being the United States and Mexico.

There is also a funny sequence where Nowitzki lists of all his nicknames. While they were funny and included Dirk Diggler, he left out some of my favorites like the “Tall baller from the G” and “Ghost Face Drillah.”

Wait for the end of the segment where he tries to identify, Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, Rockets and Spurs.

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