Game of Thrones season four parody album is the best thing ever (Audio)

This weekend marks the epic season four premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO and fans re starting to get restless in anticipation of the premiere. After an elongated blackout on information from the network, we have been bombarded with Game of Thrones material, not all of which is coming from HBO.

Some of the most unique and frankly awesome material surrounding Game of Thrones has come from the fans of the show and near the top of the list is parody album of songs that cover well know musical hits but swap out the lyrical context for that of Game of Thrones glory.

Of course, the best of the parody songs is Lannister’s Paradise, set to the tune of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”:

A parody the Red Wedding set to the tune of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”:

Pearl Jam’s immortal hit “Even Flow” gets a hilarious Game of Thrones cover:

House Stark gets a “Total Eclipse of the Heart”:

You can listen to all of the songs that were made here and enjoy them at your own pace. Compilations like this just go to show what a reactive show like Game of Thrones can do in terms of rubbing some creativity off onto it’s audience. It’s dorky, it’s brilliant and it’s a true representation of how awesome a grip Game of Thrones has on pop culture.

Game of Thrones premieres its fourth season on HBO this Sunday at 9pm ET.

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