December 13, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones smiles for a photo during an announcement for Jones being on the cover of the EA Sports UFC video game during the official weigh-ins for UFC on FOX 9 at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There will be a mystery fighter in EA Sports UFC

Earlier today FanSided revealed a rumor that the highly anticipated EA Sports UFC game may finally have a release date. With a ‘big announcement’ coming next week, many speculated that the release date may in fact be the announcement.

In a recent tweet from EA Sports UFC, however, they may have hinted as to what the announcement may be:

Apparently there will be a mystery character that is playable in the upcoming next-gen game. The first of six clues is that this fighter never competed inside the UFC’s Octagon.

Over the next week, EA Sports will reveal one clue before they officially reveal who the mystery character is on April 6th.

If you recall, NBA Basketball legend Shaquille O’neal was a playable character in the UFC Undisputed 2010. Could the EA developers go in a similar route, or is the mystery character a famous boxer like Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali? What about martial arts legend Bruce Lee, or Pride legend Fedor Emelianenko?

Who do you think will be the mystery character in EA Sports UFC? Sound off in the comments below, and FanSided will keep you updated on the clues throughout the week.

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  • Chris Moore

    Kevin James

    • Trevor Donovan Allen

      That’d be dope!

  • dru


  • alex

    please, please, please be fedor

  • disqus_yozRZOzKi2

    dana white

  • Michael Freestone

    It’s got to be Fedor! If not hope they release dlc with him and many other Legends!

  • Davyleek .

    if it is fedor its the only time you will ever see him face real competition in the ufc , guys a farce

    • dion4037 .

      you have had way too much UFC kool-aid bro.

      • Davyleek .

        because I don’t think fedor is the greatest ever I’m into the ufc? I watch any mma organisation and obviously the ufc aswell because they are the most consistant with events and have most of the best fighters in the world , plus your commenting on a ufc game?

        • dion4037 .

          No im not debating with you that Fedor is the greatest ever, there is no argument there because Fedor is the greatest ever. Now that that has been settled im speaking about you calling him a farce and implying he has not fought “real competition”. I mean your just being insulting. The man fought in the best fight organization at the time with Pride and had over a 25 fight win streak during the prime of his career in the most unforgiving and dangerous weight-class of all. Even legends like BJ Penn and A.Silva have publicly admitted hes the greatest of all time. You sound like a Dana White brainwashed child when you call the greatest of all time a farce.

          • Davyleek .

            fedor is not the greatest ever , the 25 win streak had a handfull of true competition and a majority of mismatches and circus freaks , after fedor fought in strikeforce he got exposed before going back to m1 to retire on absaloute tomato cans , yeah I’m a dana white brainwashed kid when you are too blind to even admit fedor faced low level competition through out a majority of his padded career , in a nutshell your a nuthugger

          • dion4037 .

            And I guess the other MMA legends are nuthuggers as well right? Its like I said Im not here to debate something with you that’s already fact. Fedor’s record speaks for itself period. Im just simply pointing out you have had too much UFC kool-aid which has brainwashed you to which you have already admitted, so were good now lol.

          • Davyleek .

            do you notice that any fighter from the heavyweight division that says fedor is the greatest then goes on to say they could defeat him? his record is the most padded in mma history , I’m not making this up its right there for people to see and the fact he got destroyed in sf just shows he would have never been able to string wins together in the ufc

  • Dan Manley

    Whoever it is, they’re punching Jose Aldo, so it’s going to be a lower weight guy. It’s gonna be Bruce Lee.

  • Muhammad Ahmed Tariq

    bass rutten lol