Game of Thrones intro re-imagined for Skyrim (Video)

The Game of Thrones theme music and intro music is one of the most recognizable openings on television, and it will be returning to our televisions over the weekend when the HBO hit series returns with the premiere episode of season four.

As we prepare for the upcoming season of the show, we came across this intriguing video that takes the great Game of Thrones opening and re-imagined for “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” from Bethesda Studios.

The video surfaced earlier this week on Vimeo from the user Brady Wold and it is pretty impressive. For those skeptical of what the video will be like, I think you will all be impressed.

If you want to see what the Game of Thrones intro would look like when it is re-imagined for Skyrim, you can check out the video below from Brady Wold:

Game of Thrones season four will premiere this weekend on Sunday, April 6.

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