How I Met Your Mother alternate ending is way less depressing (Video)

This past Monday’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother drew the ire of a lot of fans everywhere and even those who were sort of alright with the ending have come to their senses and turned against it. Thankfully, the internet exists for more than just complaining about things as it has the power to correct as well.

In waste of the terribly confusing and rather disappointing finale, someone has re-edited the ending to produce a much more satisfying conclusion to the series.

Warning, spoilers lie ahead.

Check out the way less depressing and much more satisfying ending to How I Met Your Mother:

As you can see, the mother didn’t die — at least not obviously — and there was no reconnection with Robin at the end and you’ll notice that feeling of utter disappointment is no present.

This ending makes so much more sense because it doesn’t make the mother and the event of meeting the mother feel like and afterthought. That’s how it came across in the finale and that’s why fans are so outraged at what they saw.

However, with this ending it leaves us on good terms with Ted and Tracey and leaves us with a happy feeling. Like the original finale ending, this one won’t please everyone but it still gives those that wanted a better ending exactly what they wanted.

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