World Cup 2014: Pepsi's new awesome ad 'Now Is What You Make It' (Video)


The World Cup is just over two weeks away, 71 days to be exact. Companies are beginning to rollout ads for the huge tournament, including an incredibly cool ad from Pepsi.

YouTube sensation Stony, who is known for recreating popular songs with the sounds of everyday objects around him, is walking through the streets of Rio. Along his journey as he adds new elements to the song, he runs across a star-studded list of football players including Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero, Chelsea’s David Luiz, Manchester United’s Robin van Persie, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos and Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere.

“Pepsi celebrates the passion and energy of football fans,” Messi said. “It is a mesmerizing anthem, uniting us all – on the street or on a pitch – in a celebration of the moment.”

Towards the end of the ad, Stony runs into GRAMMY Award -nominated Janelle Monae who is singing David Bowie’s classic “Heroes” with an open guitar case at her feet.

“I love everything the film stands for. To me, it is all about that extraordinary burst of courage and passion which can embolden everyday people in a moment of spontaneity, which is also the message of David Bowie’s venerable song,” said Monáe. “I was honored to join Pepsi for this campaign and remind people that now more than ever, we can all be heroes.”

To make the ad even cooler is an interactive feature on their website where added scenes are unveiled when you click at certain times during the video. One of them includes U.S. star Clint Dempsey juggling a soccer ball and Sergio Ramos autographing your name on a soccer ball.

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