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CBS has reached out to The Daily Show's John Oliver to replace Craig Ferguson

With the shuffling going on in wake of David Letterman announcing his retirement from The Late Show, CBS is looking at strategies for when Letterman is off the air in 2015 and their new era of Late Night begins. The first question is who will replace Letterman, and names like Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert have already been tossed around but one report seems to seem the most likely at this point and it’s that The Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson would move up into Letterman’s spot.

This would crate a void in the 12:30am slot behind Letterman and CBS has reportedly reached out to former The Daily Show supporting star John Oliver to fill Ferguson’s shoes.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

The pitch was for Oliver potentially to occupy the 12:30 time slot currently filled by The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in the event Ferguson does not re-up his contract at the end of 2014, or possibly for Oliver to launch a different show that would be syndicated by CBS, according to sources.

Oliver just inked a deal with HBO to host a weekly talk show much the same way that Bill Maher does every Friday night, Even with this deal, it could be possible for Oliver to work as host of The Late, Late Show and also work in the HBO show on Fridays.

A lot can happen and this whole situation is still in it’s infancy but CBS is clearly moving quickly to get a jump on things and Craig Ferguson being considered as a replacement could shake things up dramatically.

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