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CBS wants Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman on The Late Show

CBS sent shockwaves around the globe on Thursday afternoon when they announced that David Letterman would be retiring from his duties has host of The Late Show following the 2015 season of the show. This has lots of fans and critics immediately wondering who will take over for Letterman once he’s gone as unlike the “retirement” of Jay Leno, there’s no clear successor to Letterman’s seat.

According to Hollywood insider Nikki Finke, the only on-air personality that the network is considering as a replacement for Letterman is Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert.

The key phrase in there is ‘the only one on the air’ which means a comedian who doesn’t have a talk show could be in consideration and that may be the route that CBS goes. Obviously, we’re in the infancy of this whole situation and Letterman is still in the seat for another year so it’s far too early to tell definitively who will be replacing him.

Colbert isn’t the worst choice though, but he’d be doing the show straight rather than in character like he does on The Colbert Report.

Either way, a replacement will need to be found and the conversation as to who that will be is just getting started.

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