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CBS wants Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman on The Late Show

CBS sent shockwaves around the globe on Thursday afternoon when they announced that David Letterman would be retiring from his duties has host of The Late Show following the 2015 season of the show. This has lots of fans and critics immediately wondering who will take over for Letterman once he’s gone as unlike the “retirement” of Jay Leno, there’s no clear successor to Letterman’s seat.

According to Hollywood insider Nikki Finke, the only on-air personality that the network is considering as a replacement for Letterman is Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert.

The key phrase in there is ‘the only one on the air’ which means a comedian who doesn’t have a talk show could be in consideration and that may be the route that CBS goes. Obviously, we’re in the infancy of this whole situation and Letterman is still in the seat for another year so it’s far too early to tell definitively who will be replacing him.

Colbert isn’t the worst choice though, but he’d be doing the show straight rather than in character like he does on The Colbert Report.

Either way, a replacement will need to be found and the conversation as to who that will be is just getting started.

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  • Daniel

    As much as I love Stephen Colbert, his humor is very specific and narrow. And very partisan, which is polarizing. A show like this is not supposed to be politically slanted. Like the author said, “The Colbert Report” is all done in character. He’s acting. I don’t think Stephen or Jon Stewart would be a good fit for this kind of show. Now get Chelsea Handler, Ellen DeGeneres or Conan O’Brien, and you have something. I’d even like to see them bring back Craig Kilborn. He was much funnier than Craig Ferguson.

    Here’s are three crazy, bottom-of-the-deck notions: what about Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch or Justin Timberlake?

    • K.V.

      Ooh, Jane Lynch! I like that idea!

      • Daniel

        I also think Aisha Tyler would be a good person to consider. She’s very good hosting “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” on the CW. (I think they should have her perform some sketches too like Drew Carey used to.) She’s relatively young, pretty in a girl-next-door way, and, of course both female AND of color…groups that are both underrepresented in late night TV. She guest hosted “The Late Late Show” before they ultimately picked Craig Ferguson. If they do promote Craig Ferguson to the big “Late Show” chair, perhaps Aisha Tyler could replace him on “The Late Late Show.” I’d watch that.

        • K.V.

          I honestly don’t care who they pick as long as it’s not Stephen Colbert. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Colbert, and I’m sure he’d do a great job, but he’s got such an amazing gift for political satire that it would be a shame for him to do anything else.

          • byron stroop

            For God’s sake. All of the above posters need to get a clue. The obvious replacement isn’t Chelsey (STD) Handler, Drew (your time has past) Carey or Craig (keep the TV on while I fall asleep) Ferguson. The obvious choice is Colbert. CBS should be courting Colbert as we speak. If the CBS execs don’t realize this, then they should lose their jobs. Colbert brings the younger and older audience together like none other, except for the great Johnny Carson.

          • byron stroop

            Colbert is such a great talent. Now he needs to spread his wings and become a national icon. It’s his calling. CBS would be foolish not to hire him.

        • byron stroop

          Aisha Tyler? What a dork.

  • Zach

    I really don’t care who they pick because I watch Stewart, Colbert, and Fallon already. Who watches Letterman?

  • cornerofthemoon

    Love Colbert, but unless CBS plans to do a version of the “Colbert Report” with a political bend, he’s the wrong fit for the traditional late night format.

    • byron stroop

      CBS doesn’t need to do a “Satirical program with a political bend” for Colbert to be a successful Late Night host. If that’s your mindset, then broaden your mind. Colbert would be a dominant force in late night tv. Over the last decade, late night shows have become also rans. Colbert-Fallon could revise the late night genre that many of us want.

  • byron stroop

    I’ve watched Letterman ever since his daytime show (very funny). But, over the last 2+ decades he’s slowly become a complete bore. The Leno / Letterman conflict actually turned me against late night tv altogether. And “Late Nite with Conan O’Brien (why the F*** does Conan continually try to force such an irritating and no-talent guy like Andy Richter down our throats? ) on TBS made it even worse. Fortunately, NBC hired a talent like Jimmy Fallon to replace the curmudgeon Leno. And, CBS now has the chance to put Colbert in Letterman’s stead. Don’t blow it CBS! Put Colbert under a long term contract. Colbert is the most talented person on television today. He’s your BEST and ONLY chance to make late night television once again meaningful. insightful and entertaining for many years to come. In addition, Fallon and Colbert actually like each other. They’re both intelligent, creative and are loved by baby boomers and their offspring alike. Not since Johnny Carson, can late night hosts be accepted by multi-generations.. Please, do not blow this chance CBS. Hire Stephen Colbert to a multi-year contract. You won’t regret it. Unfortunately, you have to admit it, your network executives have made MANY mistakes over the last 30 years that resulted in severe profit losses. Colbert can change your network persona from ‘grandma’s needlepoint’ to ‘modern edgy humor’. This is a great opportunity CBS…..HIRE STEPHEN COLBERT TO A LONG TERM CONTRACT,,,,,,,period. This can revive your entire prime-time line up. PS… can send my bonus check to………………HIRE COLBERT!