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Game of Thrones: An In-Depth Look at the Storyboards and What’s to Come in Season 4 (Video)

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The time is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen! We are just three days away from the triumphant return of the hit HBO Series Game of Thrones. There are so many things that go into the creation of even a single episode of the show. One of those things, one that is greatly responsible for what you see on the screen, is the storyboards and concept art. At the 2014 Belfast Film Festival, the people at O2 International Sim got to sit down with William Simpson, a storyboard artist on the hit series, who gave us all a look inside the story and a sneak peek at what is to come in the new season.

Some of you may not know this, but it is Simpson who is responsible for the creation of the white walkers who seem to be taking over the land. In the featurette, he explains that one of his favorite scenes that he has had the opportunity to work on is in the first episode of the series when we see the white walkers for the very first time. He recounts his time on the set with the director, and how the two of them were able to work together to bring the scene to life.

Some of the other sequences that he has had the pleasure of working on were the ice wall sequence with Jon Snow, as well as the epic Battle of Blackwater.

Another piece of the puzzle that Simpson is responsible for is the creation of the weapons. He created all of the hero weapons like Ice and Needle; especially in the pilot stage. A lot of the weapons he created are still being used in today’s episodes.

When it comes to what we can expect from the new season that is set to debut this Sunday, you’ll have to watch the video and find out. However, I think you already have a pretty good guess in mind.

Here is a look at the interview with William Simpson courtesy of O2 International Sim.

Game of Thrones returns for Season 4 on Sunday, April 6that 9:00 p.m. on HBO.
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