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Bellator 115 results: Vitaly Minakov defends Heavyweight title in war against Cheick Kongo

Bellator 115 is headlined by the Bellator World Heavyweight championship bout between undefeated champion, Vitaly Minakov, and former UFC veteran, Cheick Kongo.

Cheick Kongo made his Bellator debut back in October in the Season 9 Heavyweight tournament semifinal. That night he defeated Mark Godbeer by TKO in the second round to advance to the Heavyweight tournament final. At Bellator 107, Kongo defeated former kickboxer Peter Graham by unanimous decision to get his shot at the Bellator Heavyweight title.

Vitaly Minakov made his Bellator debut in 2012, and has ran through every opponent he has faced. The undefeated Russian is 4-0 in Bellator with four straight TKO’s. Minakov has never faced an opponent like Kongo, but he has finished his last 10 straight.

Check out the play by play of the title fight below.

Round 1: They touch gloves to start. Minakov with an overhand right and a low blow. Herb Dean stops the bout momentarily. On the restart, Kongo lands a left straight. Kongo pushing out a jab and eats a leg kick. Minakov feints a leg kick. Minakov pushes forward with a straight left, and gets an inside trip. Kongo is on his back on the fence. Minakov passes and gets to half guard. Minakov raining down right hands while Kongo tries to get to his feet. Kongo gets to his feet and eats a knee to the cup again. Herb Dean stops it again, and Kongo is down in pain. Herb Dean takes a point from Minakov for the second low blow. On the restart, Minakov misses an uppercut and eats a  few straight punches from Kongo that back him up. Minakov counters with a big right that drops Kongo. Kongo is rocked and Minakov is looking to finish. Minakov inexplicably drops down for a heel hook, but Kongo is defending well. Kongo was hurt, but the heel hook attempt allowed him to recover. Both men are fishing for heel hooks in 50/50 guard. Kongo landed a straight left. Minakov gives up on the heel hook and jumps into Kongo’s half guard. Short elbows from Minakov. More ground and pound from Minakov. 9-9 because of the point deduction for Minakov.

Round 2: Lots of feinting from both men. Big overhand right from Minakov and Kongo clinches him up on the cage. Kongo is in on a double leg takedown and is able to get Minakov on his back. Minakov is on the fence and gets to his feet. Minakov turns Kongo on the fence and lands a knee. Two knees from Kongo, and Minakov lands a knee. Kongo says it is low, but Herb Dean says fight on. Weird exchange as Minakov allows Kongo to recover. Body kick from Kongo. Jab from Kongo and another. Body kick from Kongo. Minakov with a kick to the body and a right hand that misses. They clinch momentarily. Straight right from Kongo. Minakov rocks Kongo with a right. Kongo is wobbly, but Minakov is not attacking. Straight right hurts Kongo again, but Kongo fires right back with a right of his own. Takedown from Minakov and he gets right into mount. Kongo turns over to his back as Minakov rains down punches. Minakov has Kongo’s back, but Kongo spins out and gets to his feet. 10-9 Minakov

Round 3: They exchange and Kongo lands two straight rights. Kongo pushing forward and lands a flurry. Minakov pushes Kongo to the fence and gets another Minakov is in Kongo’s half guard again. Kongo utilizing the fence to get to his feet, but Minakov is relentless with his pressure. Punches from Minakov. Herb Dean warns Minakov to stay busy and now Minakov is starting to turn it on. Big punches from Minakov now and Kongo is trying to get to his feet. Kongo reverses the position and now has Minakov on the fence. Minakov looks exhausted. Big knee to the body by Kongo. Herb Dean warns Kongo about grabbing Minakov’s shorts. They get to their feet, but Kongo is working for another takedown and gets it. Odd position on the fence. Minakov landed a crotch lift and flipped into side control on Kongo. Elbows to the body from Minakov. Punches to the midsection from Minakov. Kongo landing knees from his back. 10-9 Minakov.

Round 4: They clinch up immediately and Kongo takes Minakov down. Minakov turtled up on the fence. Minakov gets to his feet, but Kongo with a powerful double leg takedown on the fence. Kongo with some short punches. Herb Dean warns Kongo again about grabbing the shorts. Minakov tries to get to his feet, but Kongo sweeps his legs and gets him on his back again. Elbows from Kongo now. Herb Deans stops it and says last warning for Kongo. Dean and Minakov talking because Minakov is complaining. That odd exchange ends and Minakov looking to get to his feet again. Kongo dumps Minakov again. Kongo is not doing anything offensively, but he is completely controlling Minakov. Elbows to the hip and side of Minakov’s body. Herb Dean stands them up for inactivity. Minakov is slow to get up. Huge knee from Kongo, but Minakov trips him for another takedown. 10-9 Kongo.

Round 5: Minakov with a weak single leg, but gets Kongo on his back. Minakov in half guard. Minakov is throwing a lot of punches, but Herb Dean asks him to work. Minakov has a triangle on Kongo’s leg. Big right hand from Minakov. Minakov is landing some powerful shots here. Minakov gets to full mount and Minakov is landing some big shots trying to get the finish. Kongo survives, but Minakov is working an arm triangle. Full mount again for Minakov and he is landing some heavy shots on top. Big flurry from Minakov on top. Elbow from Minakov. Kongo can not get to his feet and is getting beat up by Minakov. That is how the fight will end, and Minakov should get the decision. 10-9 Minakov

Official Decision: Vitaly Minakov defeats Cheick Kongo by Unanimous Decision (48-46, 48-46, 48-46) 

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