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BF4's Megalodon Myth has been confirmed (video)

Almost every video game available has something special hidden somewhere in it’s very own world. We call these special hidings/findings, “Easter Eggs”. No it has nothing to do with Jesus and Easter, just in case someone wants to throw that out there.

It depends on what video game you’re playing. Each video game developer will usually pay respects or show some love to some of their friends in the industry, but hiding either characters or signs from specific video games. But one Easter Egg that almost every gamer has been dying to find, is the Megalodon in Battlefield 4.

I heard about this a couple months ago and have been trying to figure this out myself but have failed. I was starting to question if it was even in the game, but today I came across the video that does confirm the appearance of the Megalodon on one of Battlefield 4’s maps. I believe it’s Paracel Storm.

I’ll admit, it’s strange seeing a giant shark flying through the air like that, but it’s pretty cool to see. Hats off to those hard workers at DICE for plugging such an awesome Easter Egg in an awesome game itself.

Can’t wait to see what they do for Battlefield 5.

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