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James Franco admits to flirting with a 17 year old

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The internet can be a strange place, a very strange place. One minute you’re watching some cat videos, then the next minute you’ve ventured into some dark realm that you’ve never thought could even exist (R. Kelly anyone?). Such as James Franco and Manti Te’o.

You can never trust anybody over the internet unless you actually know who you’re talking too. People have used the internet to prey on a much younger crowd, which starts off as a friendly conversation, turning into something far worse than anybody could have imagined. Anybody on the internet can fall victim to what people have dubbed ‘Catfishing’, or whatever they call it. It was a show on MTV. I never watched a full episode, only bits and pieces.

James Franco, 35, has recently admitted to flirting with a 17 year old Scottish tourist Lucy Clode according to NBC New York. Franco admits that he used bad judgement, as he tried to get the young female to meet up with him at a hotel. Apparently she met Franco for the first time on a trip to New York City, which was a birthday present.

He should be counting his blessings, because he could have ended up being charged with something he didn’t do. I mean, maybe he would have, if he wanted her to meet up with him at a hotel. But the man admitted he was wrong and he learned his lesson.

Good for you James, now stay out of trouble and give us Pineapple Express 2.

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