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How I Met Your Mother series finale to include alternate ending on DVD

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The series finale of How I Met Your Mother still has fans of the show scrambling for reason as the ending that was given was hardly what would be defined as satisfying. Not only did the finale twist make the mother and the idea of her feel like some sort of insulting MacGuffin, it brushed her storyline and the importance of her aside like she was an afterthought.

But while the series ending has failed to satisfy a majority of fans, there is hope still that things can be redeemed. According to Deadline, the season nine DVD and Blu-ray set will include the other ending that series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas were considering.

Per Deadline:

I have learned that the controversial sequence was not the only conclusion the HIMYM writers considered. I hear creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas also contemplated an alternate ending, which will be included in HIMYM‘s upcoming DVD set. I hear the alternate ending does not involve additional footage but rather a different editing of the episode. HIMYMproducers and studio 20th Century Fox TV would not comment on any specifics of the alternate closing, but a source described it as a “happy ending.”

It’s likely a lot closer to the re-edited final scene we’re seeing floating around the internet and that few minutes of footage is far more satisfying than what we got on Monday. We will have to wait and see what the alternate ending in mind was, but fans now have a reason to rush out and buy the final season when it’s available.

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