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New Action-Packed Clip from Brick Mansions (Video)

We are now three weeks away from the release of the action-packed crime drama Brick Mansions. Just over a week ago, we showed you a new TV Spot for the film that unveiled quite a bit of new footage. Today, we have a look at a clip from the film that quickly illustrates just how awesome Lino’s character is.

In the clip, we watch as a group of people try to bust into Lino’s apartment. Fortunately, he got the jump on them by busting the door down on them before they could do it to him. He displays his tremendous parkour skills as he makes his way through the building with what looks like the slightest of ease.

He fights his way through assailants, and even some walls and windows to get away from the people who wish to do him harm, which in Brick Mansion could be any number of people.

Unfortunately, it seems as if this is a regular occurrence for Lino. When he busts through on of his neighbor’s windows, they don’t even bat an eye.

Here is a look at the latest clip from the upcoming film Brick Mansions.

Brick Mansions will be the first feature length directorial effort from Camille Delamarre.

The film stars Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, RZA, David Belle, Robert Maillet, Carlo Rota, and many more.

Brick Mansions is scheduled to be released on April 25, 2014.

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