Pirates fan catches foul ball in tub of popcorn (GIF)

Major League Baseball fans need to always be paying attention in case a foul ball or home run comes sailing in their direction, and often times we can be treated to some very impressive reactions.

Whether it be catching a ball one-handed while protecting a baby, catching the ball in your beer and then chugging it or simply making a diving grab, fans show off some top-notch reflexes when they see the ball coming.

But for one Pittsburgh Pirates fan on Friday night, the catch brought us something that we haven’t seen before — at least not something I can remember.

During the third inning of the game between the Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals at PNC Park, Matt Carpenter hit a foul ball and the Pirates fan sacrificed their overpriced popcorn to make the grab.

Yes, you read that right. The fan caught a foul ball in their tub of popcorn.

You can watch the evidence below:


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