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WWE Studios partner up for new Vince Vaughn film

WWE Studios has a new horror film coming out next weekend titled ‘Oculus’. It’s a horror movie that involves mirrors, so but it looks pretty interesting. I just hope it’s better than the one that Kiefer Sutherland released a couple years ago that was titled ‘Mirrors’. That movie was alright, but it wasn’t that great.

I believe it had a sequel too. Now with the company having a few movies already lined up and prepared to release, they have decided to partner up with Universal Pictures on a film that will feature comedian Vince Vaughn according to NoDQ.com.

The project that WWE Studios have agree’d to co-produce and finance will be called ‘Term Life, Term Life’. Vaughn’s character in the movie plans and sells heists to the highest bidder. This sounds like it will be more of a serious role than we’re used to seeing from Vince himself.

Vaughn is also in on this project himself, alongside someone who worked with him on his comedy ‘Couples Retreat’. The film is supposed to be release in 2015, but that’s pending any setbacks. Now that the WWE is involved, I’m sure the movie will be released right on schedule.

Now we just need a trailer.

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