Dec 7, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; NBA former player Charles Barkley on the CBS set prior to the 2013 SEC Championship game between the Auburn Tigers and the Missouri Tigers at Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Final Four 2014: Charles Barkley calls people who don’t get the ‘Teamcasts’ idiots (Video)

Some people watching the Final Four on Saturday night are having a problem. The specific problem they’re having is that they just are not getting the concept that Turner Sports and CBS is using for the broadcasts called, ‘Teamcasts.’

With this, you can tune in to either truTV or TNT and watch an alternate version of the live game, with announcers tailored to each specific team.

Unfortunately, though, some people just aren’t getting it and are complaining all over the internet.

Charles Barkley wants those people to know that they’re IDIOTS!

Well, you have to say that he has a point. Now some people might be trolling, but the sad part is that most of them really aren’t getting it and it’s just mind-blowing.

Plus, Turner Sports has done a great job promoting the project so it’s not as if they haven’t done their best to make it known they were doing this.

Still, though, it’s entertaining to watch them complain, and it’s even more entertaining watching Charles Barkley call people idiots.

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