Holly Holm KOs Juliana Werner to earn Legacy FC title

On Friday night, mixed martial arts fans were treated thanks to Legacy FC 30, which was headlined by a women’s bantamweight title fight between former 18-time boxing champion Holly Holm and Juliana Werner, was held at Route 66 Casino Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Holm is one of the top women’s bantamweights outside of the UFC, which means many have been eyeing her as a potential contender for current UFC champion Ronda Rousey down the line.

But first, Holm would need to get past Werner in the main event and come away with the title.

The crowd in Albuquerque went wild when Holm entered the cage, just as you would have expected them to do, and Holm immediately took the center of the cage as she became the early aggressor in the fight.

As the chants of “Holly” began to rain down from the crowd, Holm engaged with Werner and pushed her up against the cage before throwing a vicious left hook to separate. Werner was unfazed by the shot and answered back with a high kick of her own, but Holm was able to block the shot and circle away.

Holm was significantly larger than Werner and the strength difference showed during the early going of the fight, with the hometown woman overwhelming Werner in the clinch up against the cage and working the knees.

The second round opened with Holm throwing some impressive combinations that kept Werner backpedaling, as Werner looked lost with no answer for Holm’s world class striking.

After a hard round kick to the liver, Werner was obviously hurt and Holm continued peppering away at the underdog’s body.

Holm was mixing up her strikes beautifully to keep her opponent off balance, but Werner picked up the urgency and began pushing forward. Unfortunately for Werner, she was completely overmatched and was getting picked apart on the feet. Conventional wisdom would say that Werner should shoot for a takedown, but she continued to stand right in front of Holm and ate shot after shot.

It was all Holm through the first two rounds.

Holm showed no signs of slowing down and continued to unload on Werner in the first minute of Round 3, as she began to pick up the pace and her attack as the round went on. Werner was showing obvious signs of slowing down as the damage on her face began to show. Werner attempted a desperation kick, but Holm easily caught the strike and immediately dumped Werner to the mat.

With just two rounds to go, it was time for desperation mode from Werner.

Werner was showing some impressive toughness in the fight, but in order to win a bout you need to do more than just survive and avoid a knockout. Holm continued to put on an amazing display of striking with an impressive mix of kicks and strikes, but Werner would not back down.

Holm continued to dump Werner every time she would attempt a kick, before finally jumping into Werner’s half guard to finish off the round.

The final round started off with a nice straight from Werner, but she was immediately caught by Holm on the next exchange.

Holm began looking for the finish in the fifth-round, before landing a beautiful left high kick that sent Werner back to the mat. As soon as Werner hit the canvas, Holm pounced on her opponent to deliver the fight-ending ground-and-pound to earn the inaugural Legacy FC women’s bantamweight championship and her first world championship in mixed martial arts.

You can view the full Legacy FC 30 results and GIFs by clicking here.

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