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Mariners and A's have game postponed due to soggy field

When you hear that the Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s had their game Friday night postponed due to lousy, soggy field conditions at the Oakland Coliseum, despite perfectly nice weather, you might start to wonder if that problem was preventable.

It was.

Per Greg Johns of MLB.com, the problems with the field were a result of the fact that the tarp was not out as a heavy rain storm hit the area overnight on Thursday. Seattle general manager Jack Zduriencik certainly did not sound impressed by the situation:

But raining out a game when it wasn’t raining was a new situation. A’s officials said a weather consultant told them no rain was expected Thursday night, so they left the infield uncovered overnight.

‘It’s unusual. Very unusual,’ Zduriencik said. ‘But they just didn’t get the tarp down, is what they said. They couldn’t get the field ready. We’ll see what happens. They said they’ll work on it all night and what that means, we’ll have to see. But they have a lot of work to do to get it ready [by Saturday].’

The Mariners also just so happen to be the team that was in Oakland when sewage backed up in the visiting dugout last season.

That the Coliseum is a dump is not news. More noteworthy here is the fact that this issue appears to be self-imposed because the team simply did not plan ahead.

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