Nov 5, 2013; Fort Campbell, KY, USA; Chris Camozzi during the weigh-in for UFC-Fight for the Troops at Fort Campbell. Mandatory Credit: Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

UFC’s Chris Camozzi uses crowdfunding on Reddit to help boy with cancer

UFC middleweight Chris Camozzi is set to face off against Andrew Craig next Friday at UFC Fight Night 40 in Abu Dhabi, and he has helped to organize a great effort on the Reddit MMA community to use crowdfunding in order to help a nine-year-old boy, Gabe, who is in a battle with brain cancer.

Reddit users had come up with the idea of sponsoring a fighter, when Camozzi jumped on the opportunity to help a kid in need.

All of the money raised by the Reddit sponsorship will go directly to Gabe Santisteven to help pay for his medical bills. Camozzi has said that he will not be pocketing any of the money for himself, but he will wear the Reddit logo on his apparel for the upcoming fight.

Camozzi explained the crowdfunding effort in an interview with FOX Sports.

“I read Reddit, I read the forums, I read the Underground whenever I have off time, especially about MMA. I’m an MMA addict, I can’t get enough of it still no matter how long I’ve been in the sport. So I saw them talking about wanting to sponsor a UFC fighter, and I thought to myself, ‘This is a good opportunity to work with these guys,’ ” Camozzi said, via FOX Sports.

“It’s a cool community, they’re really cool guys, it’s funny, it’s entertaining. I posted on there and this kid Gabe, he’s 9 years old and I met him at a local show here in Colorado that I work with and we’ve raised a little bit of money for him before.

“He’s got brain cancer, he’s had a hell of a time, he’s a tough little kid, and so he’s fighting with cancer and chemotherapy and his mom takes care of him full time. So she’s unable to work right now and medical bills can really stack up. I thought, ‘Why don’t we work this sponsorship where the guys and girls from Reddit, I’ll wear their logo and in turn they make some donations to Gabe?’ ”

With the effort from the Reddit community, Camozzi has said that they have already raised more money than some potential sponsors had offered to be on his fight shorts for his fight which will be aired on UFC Fight Pass.

The UFC has had some strict policies regarding sponsorships in the past, but they have decided to allow Camozzi to wear the Reddit logo since everything is for a great cause.

“I don’t want to accept any of the money, I don’t want to be the middleman,” Camozzi said. “The money goes straight to Gabe. There’s a link set up on Reddit now that you can donate. All of it adds up and it really helps it out. It’s taking a platform that I have to help this kid out.”

It is great to see Camozzi helping in this effort and it says a lot about the MMA community that they are rallying together for such an amazing cause.

Often times we hear negative stories when it comes to athletes, but Camozzi has shown that he is one of the great guys in all of sports. Kudos to Camozzi and the Reddit community, and best of luck to Gabe while he deals with such a tough battle.

If you would like to help out with the cause, you can head on over to Reddit and find the donation link here.

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