Feb 22, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Dana White answers a question during a post-fight press conference following UFC 170 at Mandalay Bay. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Dana White: UFC has no plans for Cris Cyborg at this time

With Ronda Rousey tearing through UFC competitors left and right, it has left the UFC and MMA pundits scrambling for suitable contenders. It was only a matter of time before other WMMA stars would be brought into the mix. Cue Gina Carano, Cris Cyborg, and Holly Holm, who have all been deemed as possible contenders to the Women’s Bantamweight champion.

The issue is that none of the aforementioned women are on the UFC roster, among other things. The fight that most fans want to see is a matchup with former StrikeForce and current Invicta Featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg.


Cyborg is a Featherweight, who has previously stated she would ‘die’ if she cut down to 135. When Dana White and the UFC heard that statement, it was cut and dry that they would not sign her. White has said that Cyborg would need to cut to 135 a few times before giving her a shot at Ronda Rousey. Cyborg, in response to White, said she is looking to cut to 135 by September. 

In a recent interview with MMAJunkie, Dana White explained that there is currently nothing on the table for Cyborg:

The crazy thing about talking about this is there is no negotiations or anything like that. She’s a 145-pounder.

Dana White continued, stating the other issues besides Cyborg’s weight:

She’s being mismanaged. She’s been mismanaged since the day that this whole thing went down, and she will continue to be mismanaged right until her career is over.

Cyborg seems to be a long shot to fight Rousey anytime soon. Dana White has made it clear that until Cyborg is ready to fight on the UFC’s terms, she will not get a crack at Rousey and the UFC title.

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  • Fred U

    Let Cyborg fight once or twice at bantamweight in Invicta and win. Then Dana does not want her in the UFC? That makes no sense, business-wise or from a sports perspective. Didn’t Mike Dolce claim that Cris Cyborg can make bantamweight easily? So why all this noise, Dana, why not instead the help you once offered? Why not have Mike Dolce work with Cyborg — alright, he also works with Rousey, but this is about food, not fighting secrets, so what? This is bizarre, Dana, this makes no sense. We all think you will change your tune when the time is right — later this year.

    • Don Lee

      Dana offered to pay Mike Dolce to work with Cyborg but she and Tito said thanks but no thanks.

      • Suke Mahpeen

        I would not trust my health to Dolce either, even more so if Dana was paying for him.

        • Don Lee

          Thats why Cyborg is now on the ouside looking in with no real fights in her future.

    • Jeff Andrews jr

      He is looking at the bigger picture… Cyborg has said that though she would like to come down to 135 for a fight w/ Rousey she is not going to make it her permanent weight class. This rang alarms in Dana’s head… What if Cyborg BEAT Ronda??? What would happen and what would the UFC do then??? This persona of invincibility that the UFC has built around Ronda would be gone and the woman who beat her would also not be around to carry on being the torch bearer and “face” of the UFC’s 135 lbs women’s division. It is a losing situation. Though there is the slight chance that Ronda may beat Cyborg and cement herself as the greatest female MMA fighter. From the UFC’s perspective the risk far outweighs the reward. I hope they do fight someday so the question that has plagued a PLETHORA of MMA fan’s minds can FINALLY be answered.

  • Voodoo Cables

    Ronda is a gross, foul mouthed pig.

  • golfAdX

    This has nothing to do with the fight outcome. No matter what the prospective fight’s outcome ended up being, the UFC would deal with it and have a marketing opportunity, that’s what us marketing peeps do.

    This is entirely a personality clash issue and not the first time Dan’s has used his strength in position at UFC, along with his stubbornness to control the outcome and career of fighters he feels have crossed him after giving them their opportunity.

    Dana is going to do his best to hold Tito down and not give him an opportunity to prosper via the UFC in anyway shape or form!!! Unless Tito can lure Ronda away from the UFC (ha ha ha), and as long as Dana isnt controlling Cyborg at arms length, THIS FIGHT IS NEVER HAPPENING IN THE UFC IN OUR LIFETIMES!!!

    • Don Lee

      That’s why Tito stepped away. If Cyborg gets down in weight and wins Invicta Bantamweight Championship then the fight will happen. Dana just wants to bust Cyborg’s balls for her and Tito thumbing their noses up at the UFC.

  • Eli Klasne

    Dana doesnt care UFC’s competition sucks, he clearly has favorites he wants to succeed, thus UFC’s fight scheduling will continue to suck. I havent watched a UFC ppv in over 3 yrs….

  • Dozer

    Dana knows Cyborg would sink his paper dragon flagship eye candy star. Give Cyborg a chance! She freakin retired Carano and she will retire Peaches!

  • slimdiasy

    The UFC does not need Cyborg and the stench the steroid gender challenged brings to an organization. Cyborg will nver be invited to the UFC. Why?

  • slimdiasy

    Cyborg is not welcome in the UFC why can’t she get that message? Rhonda is a the face people want to see as is carano. No one wants to see Cyborgs steroided manly mug representing woman in the UFC as champ.

  • slimdiasy

    Make Cyborg fight 5 times at 135lbs before meeting with Rousey. Then have in the contract that Cyborg has to defend the UFC title at 135lbs 5 more times. See what happens then.