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Game of Thrones recap show coming to FanSided,

“Winter Is Coming Live” Game of Thrones, Season 4 recap show: Two Swords by Winter Is Coming

On Sunday night, Game of Thrones returned to HBO with the season four premiere, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Monday morning, after taking some time to digest the latest action from the series,, and our friends at will be teaming up to bring you a Game of Thrones recap show.

Taking inspiration from Talking Dead and Talking Bad on AMC, WIC Live will be filmed in Los Angeles to recap the previous nights show that will feature fan interaction including a live chat dedicated to answering fan questions.

The show will air at noon eastern, 9 pacific, with live streams available on and You will also be able to watch an archived episode after the show once filming is a wrap.

You can meet the hosts of WIC Live and learn more about them below.

Adam Rady


Adam grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, playing video games, reading books, and dreaming of the time he would one day leave his homeland and fulfill his destiny as an epic hero. Upon arriving in the faraway land of Los Angeles, California in 2009 he discovered this long awaited chance at epicness.

Directing and starring in the fantasy-comedy series, “Walking In Circles” as Markus the Hatless Wizard Adam found the adventure he had always craved.

He has since followed up this heroicness by co-producing/hosting the live celebrity video game hangout, “1337LoungeLive” where you can find him on a daily basis gaming, chatting, and growing his beard. Having first started reading the “Song of Ice and Fire” series in 2010 (Come on George, write faster!) he is thrilled at the opportunity to share his passion, knowledge, and commitment to Game of Thrones fans everywhere with “Winter is Coming Live”.

Tybee Diskin


Tybee Diskin was born in Tallahassee, FL.  She graduated from Florida State University with a BFA in Acting before moving to Los Angeles in 2009.  She is the Creative Director for Wayside Creations, a production company best known for their fan series, Fallout: Nuka Break.  She is best known for playing Scar in the aforementioned series, as well as her role as Pilgrim in Red 5 Studios’ ARG, Firefall.

I love Game of Thrones because it explores class and power in a way that really speaks to me; it is all reminiscent of classical theatre, but with modern bits and pieces thrown in.  Each character feels lived-in and raw, and I am able to relate to almost every single one.  Every one, that is, except Joffrey.

Jessica Kinney


Jessica has been pursing acting her whole life.  She moved to Los Angeles after attending college for theatre and was on 14 episodes of Desire, the first American telenovela on My Network TV.  She has since been the lead in multiple short and feature films, including Life As It’s Dealt which is set to come out sometime later this year.  Jessica has also written and starred in several webisodes and has even won awards for her work.

I got into GOT after I heard multiple people tell me how much I would like it.  I actually waited until the first season was out to rent and saw it that way.  I was hooked.  I watched season two as it came out on HBO and knew I was in love!  The actors, the set design, the costumes, the locations, the throne room (I wanted it)!  I quickly convinced my mother to start watching it and after she started taking notes on the different houses, I couldn’t have been more proud.  We have been talking on Mondays about our excitement for every episode since.  I even started taking my own notes to compare.  Yes, we are nerdtastic and proud!  Valar Morghulis!

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