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Game of Thrones season 4: SNL spoofs George R.R. Martin (Photo)

The season four premiere is just around the corner and the folks over at Saturday Night Live wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they had let the occasion pas without mentioning it in a sketch. That moment came during the Weekend Update when Bobby Moynihan came out to impersonate George R.R. Martin, the quirky author of the book series that inspired the award winning series. 

The bit was probably the best of the night but that had more to do with how bad the show was up to that point than it did with the quality of the cameo — although that’s not a detraction from from the sketch itself.

It’s always great to see Moynihan sink into anything he does and his role as George R.R. Martin was a thing of wonder. No one actually dislikes Martin, but it’s hard to believe that he’s at the clubs each night in the VIP section surrounded by women. Shacked up in a cabin 30 miles from the nearest pay phone is more like it and that’s what Moynihan put across in his brilliant and hilarious impersonation.

We should expect to see more sketches like this as the series picks up its fourth season and we won’t complain so long as we get more Bobby Moynihan in our lives.

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