Mario goes on a Rampage (Video)

One of the most beloved and popular video game characters in the world is Mario. He’s the poster child for Nintendo with him appearing in numerous games for them.

Mario is the person people think about in regards to Nintendo and it’s definitely a positive thing when you can associate one person to a company.

Now Mario is a cool dude, but he’s never come across as an evil person or someone that has bad intentions in his mind. This will until a video popped up on dorklyshowing him going on a rampage of sorts and annihilating everything in his path.

This was one of best things I’ve seen in some time, because it’s totally unexpected to see him do this. He does get more creative as the video progresses in how he decides to get rid of anyone in his way.

It might be in the best interests of Nintendo to pursue something like this in a future game involving our favorite plumber. This would obviously be a change of pace in how Mario was portrayed in prior games.

You can leave a comment below on what you thought of the video and if you would like to see a game like this down the road.

Thanks, Dorkly



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