Saturday Night Live review: Was Anna Kendrick funny?

Tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live saw first time host Anna Kendrick take over and without trying to sound too mean, let’s hope it’s the last for a long time. While she may be an Oscar and Tony nominated actress, her hosting duty on Saturday Night Live was one of the more forgettable things she’s done — and she was in What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

The night started out with an alight spoof on Disney songs but things went way downhill after that in a big bad way. The music video of the night featured the DJ duo Icona Pop along with Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Nasim Pedrad and Cecily Strong to sing about ‘dongs’ with Kendrick. That right there tells you the kind of night it was as even the usually great quirky sketches fell horribly flat for the most part and things just never picked up.

We saw a Little Mermaid sketch where Kendrick rapped various pop songs to joke about how bad pop music is — a joke that was funny in 1997 — and that seemed to be the low point of the night.

Things weren’t completely terrible, as both of Pharrell’s musical performances were lights out and the Booker T. Washington sketch was hilarious as it usually is. But when one of the highlights of SNL’s night is the musical performances, you know it was a rough outing.

Overall, the night had a few bright spots, and some out there will claim this episode was quirkily brilliant because there was a Pharrell hat sketch, but the night was a dud. Minor bright spots aside, here’s to hoping that Seth Rogen rebounds next week or we could finish this latest stretch of episodes well under .500.

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  • Whitney Wright

    Not sure what channel you were tuned into…the Anna Kendrick-hosted SNL we watched was one of the best this season. We were all completely entertained…all laughing. She was spot-on with her humor, enjoyable & comedic tunes, her timing…impeccable. After the show, we all commented that, for the first time, we didn’t even channel-surf during commercials (or weekend update) — we didn’t want to miss any sketches with the host. She was KILLING it! Usually we get bored and often do not actually complete a full episode … Tonight we were actually disappointed the show was over. She was superb! I smell an encore performance in the future.

  • Toby1

    It’s hardly her fault if the material is weak. Anna Kendrick most definitely IS funny when the script is funny.

  • Scott

    Josh you are on the crack! Probably one of the best SNL’s of the season. How refreshing to see an actual talented all around performer for a change and not a “celeb” squinting to read cue cards and delivering their lines flat and uninspired.

  • Jack Sessa

    I just googles, “why did Anna Kendrick’s SNL episode suck,” and found this. I feel bad for the girl, I’m sure she can e funny but the material was horrible the whole episode was horrible and that Dong video??? Wth??! I love dong, but that video was not even close to me faking a laugh. It must be hard to follow that Lewis CK guy- I will never forget his jokes- freaking hilarious.