Former WWE/World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. Photo Credit: Nickelodeon

Will CM Punk make an appearance during WrestleMania?

Ladies and gentlemen, WWE WrestleMania XXX is finally here. Tonight’s card looks very promising, making this one of the greatest WrestleMania’s in it’s history. I know that appears to be a long shot, but that depends on the results from the Triple H/Daniel Bryan/Triple Threat main event.

If Daniel Bryan is able to pick up both victories, the WWE Universe will explode. But speaking of Triple H vs Daniel Bryan, there may be a stipulation added to the match. Right now word on the street is that the match will be made either a Submission match or No Disqualification.

No idea why they would make it a Submission match, considering Triple H doesn’t necessarily have a submission hold. But his challenger does. So I think after these two brutally attacked each other over the last couple episodes of RAW, the stipulation will end up being No Disqualification.

Enter CM Punk.

Punk is still flying under the radar after he left the company back in January after the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The only television appearance that Punk agree’d to, was with The Talking Dead on AMC. He didn’t mention the WWE, and hasn’t said much about the business on his Twitter account.

Actually, he hasn’t used that much either. If CM Punk is going to return to the WWE, this is the perfect time. Every WWE Superstar looks for that WrestleMania moment, and I don’t believe Punk had his just yet. So if this match up between Daniel Bryan and Triple H turns into No DQ, then I wouldn’t be surprised if CM Punk makes his return to the company and costs Triple H the match.

If this happens, the WWE Universe will crazy.

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