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Wrestlemania 30: Daniel Bryan wins WWE Title after tapping out Bautista

The shocking loss by The Undertaker was one of the most talked about events of the evening at Wrestlemania but it wasn’t the main event at the show. While Brock Lesner’s defeat of Undertaker, something that ended a 21 match streak, was a jaw dropping moment, the title at Wrestlemania had yet to be won and Daniel Bryan helped changed that when he stepped into the ring with Bautista.

Everyone who loves wrestling will be talking about what happened with The Undertaker on Sunday night as his streak ending was a ‘where were you when’ moment for WWE fans, but the win by Bryan at the end of the night was sort of a nice payoff or at the very least was something to give fans a moment to cheer about.

Bryan’s win no doubt will send the New Orleans crowd home happy and it will help heal some of the massive wounds gashed open by the Undertaker loss. Wrestling fans lost their minds when Undertaker lost but his loss was in a way avenged by Bryan as fans dried their tears in his happiness or converted them to tears of joy.

Wrestlemania XXX was an unforgettable event and while it featured shocking moments that won’t soon leave the minds of WWE fans, it also featured a win that will brighten up the evening for fans feeling down.


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  • NotoriousRambo

    Lesner would pretty much disappear now smh so disappointed the way they choose to end it like it never mattered or it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be are u kidding me? Was hoping sting would have ended it or someone who has put in work in the wwe for a decade or more that truly deserved it **sigh**

    I can see it now when Vince or hunter are being interviewed because there is gonna be a lot of disappointed fans who will want an answer as to why it ended so horribly and they will answer the fans with well people seem to forget this is the entertainment business just like they said about the Montreal screw job smh.

  • wwefullshow