WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014 inductee The Ultimate Warrior

WWE's Ultimate Warrior signed to a multi-year deal

Fans and Superstars of the past/present all came together for one night to honor those who were being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014.

The man who closed out the ceremony, was none other than The Ultimate Warrior. There has never been a professional wrestling gimmick that has been able to match the same energy as the Warrior character, and I highly doubt there ever will be. Now Warrior and the rest of the inductees heard the same typical chant of ‘One More Match’.

Every Hall of Fame inductee who looked to be in wrestling shape were thrown that chant at least once or twice during their speech over the last couple of years. But Warrior simply responded with, “No more match.” which made me laugh, only because of the way he said it.

During his speech, Warrior let the WWE Universe know that he was in fact signed by the WWE and is working as an official ambassador for the company. The deal is a multi-year legends contract, which could mean he may step in the ring at some point.

Great to have Warrior back with the WWE.

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