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Match card and spoilers for WWE Superstars

Before WWE RAW went on the air from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana, WWE Superstars taped their weekly episode of the self titled show, ‘WWE Superstars’.

This isn’t one of the popular shows that’s provided by WWE programming, but they still bring in a little bit of viewers, which is the only reason why they keep taping matches. So if you’re someone who watches Superstars, then I suggest you turn away and find something else to do.

The card and spoilers were found on NoDQ.com, so here we go.

First up,  Ryback over Dolph Ziggler. Ryback has been teaming up with former Paul Heyman guy Curtis Axel and Dolph Ziggler is still performing at a mid-card main event (on SmackDown) level once in awhile. The four men who participated during tonight’s taping went toe to toe with each other during Sunday night’s Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Second result of the night was Titus O’Neil over Kofi Kingston. Titus has been on a slow heel roll ever since he turned his back on his former best friend and tag team partner, Darren Young. Not going to lie, I sorta miss the PrimeTime Players. Kingston continued to impress everybody while competing in a Battle Royal style match up. He’s has multiple moments where he avoided touching the floor with both feet, finding bizarre ways to keep himself in the match.

Kofi was flipped over the ring post, who turned himself around, landing flat on his back but pretty much tip toeing the sidelines on the steel steps.

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