WWE's Brock Lesnar standing tall after defeating The Undertaker's streak. Photo Credit: WWE.com

The Undertaker taken to the hospital after loss at Mania?

Almost 75,000 plus went silent as the referee working the Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker (The Streak) match slammed his hand down on the mat for the third and final time, this time without Takers shoulder shooting off the canvas.

Hands were placed on top of heads, jaws were hanging and almost touching the ground. You could hear women screaming in the background and even the Brock Lesnar guy was shocked that he ended the infamous ‘Streak’. We’ve all witnessed The Undertaker run through opponent after opponent for 21 years and now it’s officially snapped.

Now apparently Brock Lesnar ignored the script and picked up the victory, which also brought up another rumor that he was going to be fired for doing so. We all know that this is scripted and that everything that happens needs to be approved by Vince.

The fact is, Taker is getting old and has gone through a bunch of major surgeries. How long do people think he can continue to do this? Sure, they could have let him beat Brock and retire with the Streak still in tact, but that would have fans begging for “one more match” at Mania to see if he still has it.

Don’t get me wrong, he looked great during the match but the injuries continue to pile on. According to NoDQ.com, Undertaker was taken to the hospital via ambulance because he feared that he had suffered a neck injury and a concussion.

I was one of those fans who loved it when the streak ended, but only because the man can decide to call it quits, go home and relax without worrying about having a hip replaced, or even rehabbing.

Now I’ll leave you with this.

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