WWE Wrestlemania 30: Full event results and GIFs

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WrestleMania 30 was as legendary as many had hoped, with streaks being broken and a fan favorite finally reaching the pinnacle of the sport. That’s right, the Undertaker finally tasted defeat at WrestleMania and the man that everyone loves, Daniel Bryan, was able to defeat Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton in the same night to claim the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

If you missed out on the action from Sunday night, FanSided has all of the GIFs that you will want to see in order to relive the action that still has the world talking.

How did everything go down on Sunday night?

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  • NotoriousRambo

    Lesner would pretty much disappear now smh so disappointed the way they choose to end it like it never mattered or it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be are u kidding me? Was hoping sting would have ended it or someone who has put in work in the wwe for a decade or more that truly deserved it **sigh**

    I can see it now when Vince or hunter are being interviewed because there is gonna be a lot of disappointed fans who will want an answer as to why it ended so horribly and they will answer the fans with well people seem to forget this is the entertainment business just like they said about the Montreal screw job smh.