Google Glass to feature ability to live stream everything you see

The world of technology has advanced a lot in the last decade and we’re starting to step into the future we always imagined we’d be living in. The development of Google Glasses is the latest example of society marching into the future and we will be able to document every step we take in that journey.

No, literally. Google Glass will house the latest version of the Livestream app which will allow you to record and document your journeys via live stream with one simple command.

Per Mashable:

To begin broadcasting, users simply pair Glass with an event and say, “OK Glass, Livestream,” and tap the side of the device to begin recording. Viewers can tune into live broadcasts via the web or the company’s smartphone and Roku apps.

 Obviously, there will be regulations and restrictions placed once these go into mass production as live streaming certain things such as sporting events and trips to banks will likely have some sort of block on the live stream. But just having the ability to play James Bond whenever you want is an enticing sales pitch and Google Glass continues to get cooler and cooler as we hear more and more about it.

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