Apr 2, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Television and radio personality Howard Stern attends the game between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets during the first half at Madison Square Garden. The New York Knicks won 110-81. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Howard Stern blasts Jeff Van Gundy for criticizing his New York Knicks fandom

When you think of Howard Stern, you tend to think more of porn stars and ‘Fartman’ then you do about basketball and basketball analysts. But the two worlds have collided this week as a feud has seemingly been started between the iconic shock jock and former New York Knicks head coach and current ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy.

Stern, who tends to be one of the various famous New Yorker regularly seen court side at Knicks games, was put on blast by Van Gundy after Stern left a game before it had finished. Van Gundy’s bashing of Stern eventually go back to him and the man who airs all his dirty laundry and more on his SiriusXM radio show did exactly that in regards to Van Gundy.

TMZ transcribed the gist of Stern’s rant he went on during his radio show on Tuesday:

“Jeff, I hate to explain it to you, but people who are really busy and have multiple careers going and get up at all hours of the day, they cant stay at the basketball game.”

Stern then went on to call Van Gundy a loser — who can’t get a job coaching in the NBA because he’s a “f**king schlub.”

This is both a really stupid feud but something that’s important for Knicks fans — and general sports fans — to know about. It’s not that Howard Stern and Jeff Van Gundy are feuding, it’s that they’re feuding and the Knicks are so terrible that we actually care.

Phil Jackson may be the savior, but he apparently can’t save us from everything.

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  • Twason Wiser

    Oh come on … Stern hasn’t had the loyal followers he once had since he sold out about 7 years ago now. He’s worth $500 million+, works 3 days a week for 3 or less hours a day on Sirius then sleeps 3 hours in his office afterwards — no real blue collar American identifies with Howard any more. He bought a $52 million dollar mansion in Florida, and his wife requested a $10 million bathroom remodel. Howard has become everything he made fun of, and is now a fraud. Executives at Sirius admit he has only about 1.6 million subscribers now, dwindling more and more each day.

    His ratings are dismal, his interviews are psychiatrist inspired boredom-fests mostly centering around Howard himself, his plastic surgeries & hairpieces are catching up with him, and he’s marketing a politically correct image that no one finds genuine or humorous, no matter how much makeup and hair stylists his entourage entails.

    The only difference between Stern and Van Gundy on the microphone is that someone is listening to Van Gundy.

    • Eleibow

      You might not like Stern but to put the record straight Sirius/XM has $25m subscribers in 2013.

      • Jason Wylie

        They aren’t listening to Stern, and Sirius inflates their subscriber numbers by including free accounts like those trial previews in automobiles & counts one owner with multiple radios as separate listeners. The online listeners to Stern are approximately 800k per day, with another 800-900k on tracked radios. He only works 3 hours per day Mon-Wed.

        • Eleibow

          Moron they added an additional 1.6m subscribers in 2013. Their revenue was 3.8 billion. And if your correct about how much he works. I really don’t know why you care. And your not. He still works twice as much as letterman, Fallon etc

          • Twason Wiser

            I told you this was from an inside source at Sirius — I don’t care if you believe me or not. Only 2-3 million listeners in a 24 hour period. See story today in Hollywood Reporter that confirms this same fact. 12% of 25 million total subscribers = I’ll let you do the math.


            So you see, as the Sirius insiders already know, there is only 800k listerners on average scattered throughout the day on Stern’s show. You might let Howard know … oh, wait he already does know this — that’s why he only works 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, because he knows no one listens any more.

          • Eleibow

            Ok lets do math. 12% of 25m is 3m. Each subscriber pays $12/month. So that’s $36m/month so that’s $432m per year. Hmm pretty nice return also your forgetting about advertising. Which probably close to double that number. Yes math is a good thing

  • glenn lomas

    They don’t pay the big bucks to him for free accounts

  • JoeMama

    Josh, please work on your grammar. Also remember, comma’s are your friend and the readers.