Josh Samman out of UFC on FOX 11 bout with Caio Magalhaes

TUF 17 veteran, Josh Samman, was set to make his return to the UFC’s Octagon in just under two weeks time at UFC on FOX 11 in his home state of Florida. Unfortunately for Samman, a late injury has forced him off the card and out of his bout against Caio Magalhaes.

Josh spoke with BloodyElbow late last night, and explained exactly how the injury occurred, and the possible timetable for his return:

So here I am, on Friday, and it’s two weeks out, which is when I cut out all my hard sparring. Clint Hester and I had gotten into this tradition of helping each other with camps, where the last week or two of training, we’ll fly in to help each other out. That’s what happened here; Clint came to Miami to train at MMA Masters.

Last Friday, we were grappling pretty hard, and Clint’s pretty heavy right now, probably about 225. He’s not an unsafe training partner at all, so it wasn’t anything that he could have helped or I could have helped. We were on the ground and I went for a sweep that is really a go-to sweep for me, and I’ve had a lot of success with it in the past with no problems. I hyper-extended my leg when I posted my left leg out and I heard several pops.

Right away I knew something was really wrong. I sat there on the floor for what must have been an hour, afraid to get up and assess the damage. I called my manager and told him what happened and he wanted to get me to the hospital right away, which I knew I needed to do anyway.

I went and got an MRI that day. The results came back that I have a full hamstring tear, that it could be torn completely off the bone. All weekend I alternated between icing it and heating pads, and then sent the MRI off to my surgeon in Tallahassee this morning. He also told me that I had a full tear and that I may or may not need surgery.

I went to another specialist this afternoon that’s worked on a lot of the Miami Dolphins and the college athletes down here, and he suggested surgery, so it’s kind of all up in the air right now if I’ll go under the knife again. I’d like to avoid it, but if that’s what’s necessary, that’s what I’ll do.

It’s pretty painful, but more than anything, it’s just discouraging. I had a perfect training camp with no injuries at all up to this point. I felt so good and was ready to go. This was such a special, important fight to me. Everybody is kind of let down right now, my whole camp…we’re all just kind of in disbelief right now.

They were throwing around a lot of numbers. They said if I don’t have surgery, there’s a possibility that it could take months and months to heal. They said if I do have surgery, that I could maybe get back to training in 6-8 weeks. That would be ideal, but those surgeries just take so much out of you. They want to do the surgery this coming Friday, but this will be the fourth surgery I’ve had on my legs in my career and I’m only 26 years old. It’s just f—ed up. It’s been a f—ed up year.

There is no word yet as to whether the UFC will keep Magalhaes on the card or not. As for Samman, FanSided will keep you updated with his progress.

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