Kinect Sports Rivals releases today from Microsoft

Microsoft is set to release Kinect Sports Rivals today on Xbox One and they’re doing something special to celebrate the launch of the game. There will be a five-day event at all 83 Microsoft retail store locations.

This began late last week where people were allowed to play the game before it’s actual release and the event will continue through this weekend on April 12th and 13th. One interesting thing that Microsoft will do is have weekly tournaments that begin in stores on April 18, with the chance to win some swag and prizes.

If you would like more information on this, the Microsoft store event page has more details on tournaments happening in your area.

Also some gift cards will be given away at the event in the amounts between $25 and $500 at stores.

The customers that complete a champion scan will receive a gift card. This champion scan is a way for Kinect technology to create a personal profile that captures your likeness.

Kinect Sports Rivals features sports like bowling, jetski racing, rock climbing, soccer, target shooting and tennis.

There’s a review of the game by IGN and they enjoyed their time playing the game. Some of the highlights for the game include a great use of Kinect, a good variety of games to play and it brings people straight to the action.

This has the potential to be a solid series for Microsoft and it has me intrigued on what the future holds.

You can leave a comment below with your thoughts on the game, and if there’s a sport you would like to see them add in the future.

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