Marvel hires Drew Goddard to direct Spider-Man Sinister Six movie

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The world of Spider-Man is expanding rapidly as not only is there a sequelt o The Amazing Spider-Man set to hit theaters this May but already Sony is looking ahead to the next installments in the franchise. One of those installments is an all-villain Sinister Six movie that will be released in the near future.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Drew Goddard has been tabbed to direct the film which will feature six of Spider-Man’s greatest foes in one place.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

The Cabin in the Woods helmerDrew Goddard is nearing a deal to direct Sinister Six, the Spider-Man spinoff that he’s also writing.

In December, Sony hired Goddard to pen the script for the film, which will focus on the villains in Spider-Man’s world.

It’s unclear when the film will come out, although dates in 2017 and 2018 are being rumored. Still, fans are anxious to see what an anti-Avengers movie looks like as an all-villain cast hasn’t yet been attempted in a cinematic comic book movie.

Spider-Man is starting to become a massive movie universe of its own, and while we don’t know how things will pan out, a winning strategy seems to be in place.


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