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The Masters: Golf Digest reveals every hole change at Augusta National

Augusta National Golf Club is the most revered golf course in the world because it hosts The Masters each spring.  Thousands of patrons view The Masters in person, and millions around the world tune in on television.

While viewing The Masters, you are struck by the beauty of the course.  Rolling green fairways, shaved bunkers, white sand, and pine straw all make Augusta a unique course that will never be duplicated.  In addition, the Green Jacket given to the winner (as pictured above by Adam Scott, 2013 Masters Champion) is as much a part of the tradition of the tournament as the golf course.

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Most golf fans know about the recent lengthening of Augusta to keep up with incredible advances in golf ball and golf club technology.  However, the course has undergone several changes since its founding in 1933.

Follow the link in the tweet below to view every hole change in Augusta National’s history.  Illustrations courtesy of Chris O’Riley of Golf Digest Magazine.  Written by Ron Whitten of Golf Digest, and Tweet courtesy of Mike O’Malley of Golf Digest.


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