Rat invades New York subway car (Video)

Sure, New York City subway’s may be filthy, but sometimes they are the best way to get around the city when you are in a pinch. Unfortunately for some commuters on Monday, a subway car was packed when a rat went scurrying across the floor and caused some commotion.

The A train made it’s stop at the Fulton Street station heading downtown, before the little guy made his debut.

From people standing on top of their seats to those staying seated with their legs in the air and even a man showing off some quick agility to jump over the rat, it was a hilarious scene that everyone seemed to take in stride after initially being spooked.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out below:

The people on this train handled themselves a lot better than I would have in this situation, so kudos to them.

[H/T: Brokelyn.com]

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