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New Poster for The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (Photo)

We are just about a month and a half away from the release of the film The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. Thanks to the good people at, we have a look at the new poster for the upcoming film.

Before we get started, here is a look at the synopsis for The Angriest Man in Brooklyn courtesy of

Some people have bad days. Henry Altmann (Williams) has one every day. Always unhappy and angry at the world including everyone in it, Henry sits impatiently at the doctor’s office when he is finally seen by Dr. Sharon Gill (Kunis). Sharon, who is enduring her own bad day, reveals that Henry has a brain aneurysm. This news makes Henry even angrier, yelling at Sharon he demands to know how much time he has left. Faced with Henry’s anger and insults, Sharon abruptly tells him he has only 90 minutes. Shocked and reeling by this news, Henry storms out of the office leaving Sharon stunned by what she has just done in a lapse of judgment. As Sharon goes on a city-wide search, Henry struggles with his diagnosis, determined to make amends with everyone he has hurt in his life.”

What would you do in Henry’s situation? You are a generally grumpy guy who feels like the world is out to get him, and just when you think your day can’t get any worse…BAM!

Finding out that you are going to die is a rather traumatic experience; however, it would seem as if Henry uses this to make amends for the things that he has done to the people he cares the most about before it is too late.

Here is a look at the new poster for the upcoming film The Angriest Man in Brooklyn courtesy of

Photo Credit: Lionsgate via

Photo Credit: Lionsgate via

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is being directed by Phil Alden Robinson. This is the first film he has directed since 2002 when he directed The Sum of All Fears.

The film stars actor and comedian Robin Williams as Henry Altmann. The film also stars Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, Mila Kunis, James Earl Jones, Melissa Leo, Richard Kind, and many more.

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is scheduled to be released on May 23, 2014.

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