Oct 20, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Gibson (10) catches a pass for a touchdown past Buffalo Bills middle linebacker Kiko Alonso (50) in the second quarter of a game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Miami Dolphins could release Brandon Gibson?

While Brandon Gibson is no stretch a savior by any stretch, he’s still a relatively solid wide receiver.

But given his contract (which is more expensive than it should be in comparison to his talent level) and the fact he’s coming off an ACL injury, the Miami Dolphins could decide to release the wideout according to the Palm Beach Post.

Not only is Gibson coming off midseason knee surgery, but Matthews really stepped up late in the season. Gibson was also playing well before he was hurt, but Matthews could very well surpass him.

The Dolphins could also consider releasing Gibson, who’s owed $3.7 million this season. If he’s cut, Miami would owe him about $2 million but free up $1.3 million in new cap space.

That all said, it’s not as if Gibson is digging a hole into the Dolphins financially or that the team is so overly stocked at wide receiver they don’t need him. So while releasing Gibson might be an option that the Dolphins do examine (or potentially have), it doesn’t seem overly likely at the current moment.

That could change though depending on what the Dolphins do in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft.

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  • Johnny

    They should cut him… Mathews stepped up big time.. And WR is one if the deepest positions in this DRAFT… I want to see a reason to pick a WR… And don’t forget Binns was looking great last preseason before getting hurt.. I’ve been saying this since Marshall was traded… WE NEED BIGGER WR (and TEs), TO HELP
    TANNEHILL OUT!!!! Need a Redzone Target and have that large arm span, where THill doesn’t have to drop it in the basket.. (aka. Wallace)… Need a big WR/TE WHO CAN GO UP AND GET IT!! A Jimmy Graham type player.. A Brandon Marshall type player….

    • phins up305

      You are a idiot Gibson was gonna be a number 1 receiver before he got hurt

      • Johnny

        Your too funny… Gibson a #1 WR?? He plays in the slot!!! I like the name calling, very cool… If your serious about Gibson as a #1 WR, you don’t know much about football.. Slot WRs are not #1 WRs.. If your joking?? Ha..ha.. The Idiot part shows your distaste in humor or your an immature person who has no knowledge of the game.. Eitherway, I won’t belittle myself and start calling you names… Have a nice day!!!!

        • M_F_DOOM_305


          Oh kill em

          • Johnny

            You know bro…

      • Ali Pendier

        No he was gonna be the number 1 quarterback but Tannehill got lucky!