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Ryan Zimmerman returns to third base for Washington Nationals

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The curious case of Ryan Zimmerman continues, though you get the impression that it is far from resolving itself.

Yesterday manager Matt Williams dubbed the injury an “arthritic shoulder.” Now we learn that Zimmerman has responded to the continued troubles with his shoulder and his throws to first by changing his throwing motion.

Specifically, Zimmerman has resorted to more of a side-arm motion. With the switch Zimmerman says he feels no pain. From

During the session, Zimmerman was side arming every throw to first and second base.

‘It’s a different throw. It’s a work in progress,’ Zimmerman said. ‘There is no pain. You have to keep working and do everything you can to make it work.'”

While the simple solution would seem to be a switch to first base, the Nationals are understandably dragging their feet because of what a fine third baseman Zimmerman has been over the years. A fixture on ‘Web Gems,’ Zimmerman at his best would bare-hand soft rollers and fling them to first with the best of them. The unfortunate truth, though, is that the Nats cannot afford to have him out there if he cannot make the basic throws too.

Time will tell if this switch in throwing motion is something that can improve Zimmerman’s play and his health. The Nationals were at least satisfied enough with his progress that he re-inserted him at third base for Wednesday’s game against the Miami Marlins.

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